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Important Prakritis in Ayurveda

Important Prakritis in Ayurveda

  • A person Mr. Albert working in hot furnace factory came to me with a history of burning sensation all over the body with increase of blood pressure (Hypertension), red patches of the skin and sleeplessness.
  • He said that he could not go to work. He was convinced to leave the job and opt for another one in the interest of protecting and was resorted to normal.
  • This shows that pitta was aggravated during his working period and pitta disorders like hypertension and patches in the skin got started. Balancing the pitta means balancing the mind and body systems. Mr. Albert did not need any medicines.
  • Prakriti means natural form of constitution. Ayurveda advocates the examination of a person for his constitution before diagnosis of diseases for treatment.
  • There are two important prakritis viz.

1. Dehaprakriti (Body constitution).
2. Manasik Prakrii (Psychic constitution).

Now we deal with them one by one.

1. Physical constitution

(a) Vata constitution
(b) Pitta constitution.
(c) Kapha constitution.
(d) Vata pitta constitution.
(e) Vata kapha constitution,
(f) Pitta kapha constitution,
(g) sama vata pittta kapha constitution.

2. Psychic Constitution

In Manasik prakriti there are three psychic doshas.
They are
(a) satva,
(b) Rajas,
(c) Tamas.

  • Usually satvic type of constitution will not produce any psychic deterioration or upsets.
  • Take the example of a person waiting for a delayed plane at an airport. A person with Vata prakriti will get anxious, restless and impatient and will go to the concerned person and demand a refund.
  • A person with Pitta constitution will become angry and start criticizing the authorities for the delay. But a person of Kapha prakriti will become lethargic and stay patiently, without a second thought.