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Income Tax Office

The income tax office is basically formed with the intent of the following.

1. To increase the effectiveness and productivity in the collection of taxes all over India.
2. Over the years there has been a constant increase in the number of offices of income tax for increasing the revenue of the Government.
3. A constant effort has been made by the income tax officials to simplify the process of collection of taxes. To make an ease to collect taxes, online tax payment method has been introduced. The tax credit today can be checked by tax payers on the NSDL portal.
4. The department is trying to contain its own cost by having minimum number of people in each office. Trained and competent workforce is being put on the job to service the tax payees efficiently.
5. The people working in the department due to downsizing and continuous up gradation of skill set and training today have a much brighter future.
6. The department is upgrading its service by making online filing facilities. The right to information act is a new feature which has been added. Any individual has the right to ask for information from any income tax official and has to be provided by the department in defined time frame.
7. With online services and a common date of filing of income tax the department is standardizing its procedure and functioning.


i want detail postal adress of ito rourkela (orissa) ward-5 and commisioner of income tax bhubaneswar pl reply on mail bhav dhari singh

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