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Income Tax return copy online

Income Tax return copy online[edit]

IRS provides two different easy and more convenient ways to get the Income Tax information such as tax return copy. They include tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts. Since it has been made compulsory to keep all the legal type of records for about seven years, all the organizations actually started to search for their past information. But these records were kept manually which can be easily destroyed by any natural calamities. Hence, IRS has provided an option to obtain the Income Tax return copy online.

The following are the series of steps need to be followed to obtain the Income Tax return copy online. The important requirements that need to be produced for this online tax information are your social security number, exact tax year, and your valid email id. The first and foremost thing to be done is to find the person who prepares the tax. The information about the tax payer will always be available with the company that prepares the tax forms.

The next important thing to get Income Tax return copy online is to make a selection of safe and secure internet connection. When filing out the information about the prior tax returns, do remember to find the email address. Because with most of the companies, the forms will be available with their website and some of the companies might the send the documents to their tax payer through their email id. Fill out the forms provided by the tax retrieval companies completely.

Through this method you can obtain tax return information on your income for up to four to five years and you will required to pay about 30$. There after all the requested copies of the income tax return can be obtained through your email. Later to obtain the previously filed tax return information by logging on to the tax preparation site by clicking on the prior return button available.


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