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India Quarterly

History of India Quarterly

Keeping in mind to serve Indian people and make them aware about international affairs the INDIA QUATERLY has started its’ journey few years ago. Now a day it has made a huge demand in Indian market as well as in international market. Not only among common people and officials there is a demand of INDIAN QUARTERLY among the libraries of schools, colleges and universities.

India Quarterly Contents

Being edited by Partha S Ghosh of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and chief edited by Sudhir T Devare, INDIA QUATERLY never ever compromises with its’ contents and quality. Especially, they emphasize over current national and international issues e.g. politics, culture, history, sports, economics and development of studies. Finance and investment also gets very important place in INDIA QUATERLY’s pages. National topics like politics, finance, sports, new trends, gizmos news with updated features also find place in the pages of INDIA QUATERLY. And in international segment mainly Indian political relation with other nations gets huge importance.

In short, we can say that India Quarterly is a magazine which is meant for all i.e. for sports lovers, for politics lovers, for students etc.

Target Readers of India Quarterly

INDIA QUATERLY mainly targets the professionals and market researchers. Not only that, there is a huge amount of front row economists and lecturers and professors of world’s leading Business Schools who keep in touch with INDIAN QUATERLY on a regular basis. The school, college, and university libraries are also regular subscribers of INDIA QUATERLY. Actually the creamy layer in context of both education and finance of the society is the target readers of this magazine.

Editorial Board of India Quarterly

Chief Editor: Sudhir T Devare Editor: Pratha S Ghosh, Researcher: Vikash Kumar Assistant editors: Amitabh Mattoo

                        C Raja Mohan
                        Isher Judge Ahluwalia
                        K Raghunath
                        Lalit Mansingh
                        Puspesh Panth
                        Siddhartha Vardarajan

Contact Details of India Quarterly

The Editor, India Quarterly, Indian Council of World Affairs, Sapru House, Barakhambha Road, New Delhi 110 001 E-mail:

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