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Indian Airlines Career

India Airlines after merging with Air India Ltd. came to be known as National Aviation Company of India Ltd. This company operates all the domestic and international flights under AI and IC codes.
India Airlines career is like a dream job to the aspirants of aviation industry. Being the largest aviation company of the country it has a wide range of job opportunities in different posts. It has booking offices inside the country as well as outside the country. With the fleets it covers about a number of national and international destinations rendering quite a huge number of flights every day. Indian Airline also has very strong ground staffs who serve the customers and the travellers 24*7.

The posts which are applicable for Indian Airlines Career are

* Pilot

* Cabin Crew

* Ground Staff

* Flight Maintenance Staff

* Customer Agent

* Chief Operating Officer

* Security Agent

These are some of the posts in Indian Airlines Career. There are also other posts. Indian Airlines announce for recruitment only when there is a vacancy. The applicants need to fill the required criteria mentioned by the organization. The selection depends on the eligibility of the candidate and the decision of the airline company. The best candidates are selected for the jobs.

Each and every job category for India Airline Career has their respective eligibility criteria. But below given are the overall general criteria applicable for almost all the posts.

* The applicant for the post of pilot or cabin crew must be above 18 years and under 27 years.

* The candidate for cabin crew and pilot should have pleasing personality with patience and care and should be capable of shouldering responsibility.

* Height not below 158 cms. for male and 152.5 cms. for female for cabin crew and pilots.

* Minimum qualification required for cabin crew is 12th passed.

* The candidates should be graduate from any recognized university. Preference are given to those who are from the aviation industry.

* For posts like Chief Operating officer, Customer agent, security agent the candidate should be well experienced and should be from the field of aviation industry.

* For the post of trainee pilots the applicant will have to fill the PFDDF and sit for a selection examinations.