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The Indian Fairs

The fairs in India always occupy a special position in the lives of the Indian people. Fairs in India are always organized by the people to display and trade their agricultural products, trade products, animals and various other things. The Indian fairs is always marked by excitement and enthusiasm.

Fairs are referred by different names in different parts of the world. In some place they are known as the agricultural show; in some places they are referred as mela and so on. Most of the fairs in Indian are organized on the eve of certain important religious events. They are mostly held by the local people as a way of paying tribute to certain God or Goddess or other important religious figures.

It is believed that the fairs are the spirit of the Indian society and culture. They help the people to understand cultures, traditions and the ways of living of the local people. They enable the tourists to see and experience the rural life of India more closely. Certain Indian fairs, like the Dasara Fair, the Gwalior Trade Fair, The Bateshwar fair, etc. have been continuing for a long time from the ancient times. Whereas, certain fairs have came up recently. The important fairs include the Gangor Mela, the Gwalior Trade Fair, the Dasara Fair, Gokulasthami Fair and so on.

The different fairs in India have also attracted several foreign tourists from different parts of the world. This has in turn boosted the Indian tourism industry. Even the governments of the different states also offer several tour packages on the eve of any important fairs to lure several tourists to their state.