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Indian Railway Classes

Indian Railways offer various classes of reservation in its trains. The cost of journey tickets price varies from class to class.

What are the different types of Indian Railway Classes[edit]

  • Second Sitting Indian railway class
  • Sleeper Indian Railway class
  • AC chair car Indian Railway Class
  • AC 3 tier Indian Railway class
  • AC 2 tier Indian Railway Class
  • Executive Indian Railway class

Second Sitting Indian Railway Class (General Compartment)[edit]

  • This is one of the cheapest classes of Indian railways travel which contains ordinary coaches with no extra facility.
  • There is no reservation needed to get the ticket in Second sitting class.
  • It has the seating arrangement made of cushion seats in two rows and the tickets offered are passenger trains are often oversold making the general class bogies very crowded, specially for long distance trains.

Sleeper class of Indian Railway[edit]

Sleeper class are the most popular and comprise of 2/3rd of the bogies in any Indian Train.

  • You need to make advanced booking for sleeper class which starts from 90 days before the scheduled journey of the train.
  • Sleeper Class has cushioned seat of a normal person’s height in a stack containing three row which are called lower berth, middle berth and upper berth. There is also side lower and side upper birth.
  • The price of each berth remain same and generally cost approx Rs 400 for 1000 KM journey which is often double the price of general class and 40% of the AC III Tier.

AC chair car class of Indian railways[edit]

  • This class is slightly expensive than above two mentioned classes.
  • Here you would be finding a air conditioned coaches with series of two comfortable push back cushion chairs.
  • You will find a food catering facility in this class of train.

AC 3 Tier Indian railways class[edit]

AC Three Tier class is a sleeper class with fully air conditioned compartments.

  • This class of travel is not available in all the trains of India. You will find a compartment full air conditioned with comfortable sleeper seats.
  • You will get the facility of blanket, bed sheet and pillow at the time of night journey.

AC 2 Tier Indian Railway class[edit]

AC II Tier compartments have no middle berth.

  • The seats are much more comfortable with large width and lower height.
  • AC 2 tier compartments have more addons like sockets for laptop recharge, bottle holders for every one and nets to keep things.
  • You will also find more hygienic wash rooms with hand wash, wind sheets, cushions etc.
  • The cost of AC II is normally 30% higher than AC III class.

AC First Class in Indian Railway[edit]

  • AC first class is only offered in long distance super fast trains.
  • The cost of AC I Tier often called first class is normally 50% higher than AC II Tier.

How to find the ticket fare of various classes[edit]

  • You can log on to and click on the link trains between stations.
  • Select the class of travel as any of the above mentioned classes.
  • Click on get fare button you will get the complete details about fare.

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