Indian Railway Inquiry

Indian Railway Inquiry

Indian Railway is the second major railway system in the world and is continuously working in order to provide its rail users with the best possible services. It wraps up a total length of approximately 62, 000 kilometers as well as serving as an important mode of transportation for millions of commuters on daily basis.

Ease of Inquiry

With a lot of inflow of trains into the railway business, reservation inquiry and booking tickets have become one of the big challenges for daily passengers. Previously, Indian railway inquiry about the reservation could be made only by the counters of reservation spread all over the country. But after the in, it provided a new vision in the field of technology and steadily things started to become much simple than ever.

Online Inquiry

At present, the whole set up of reservation system is computerized except for some remote areas. Indian Railway System, with the introduction of the Internet, has to turn out to be hi-tech. It has become much easier for people to book and enquire about their reservation just with a click of the mouse while sitting at home. Indian railways inquiries ( in conjunction with Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) are offering Indian commuters with the finest possible services. Inquiry via IRCTC

IRCTC has also launched a website ( providing all useful and general information regarding Indian railway inquiry in India. This site without any hindrance will avail you with information related to electronic tickets, termination of tickets, Indian railway train inquiry and booking tickets. People who are not well-versed with the Internet technology can also make use of phone services offered by BSNL and MTNL.

Inquiry on phones

Moreover, the cell phone companies would commence the services in order to offer immediate access to ticket booking and rail reservation. Also, the facility of SMS has been initiated by the Indian Railways in order to alert the commuters about their Indian railway inquiry status.

The ‘139’ inquiry system

Lately, Indian Railway has started a single-window facilitation center providing a variety of services by dialing 139 telephone no. and would be considered as a local call all over India. This system would also deal with the queries concerning departure or arrival of the train, accommodation availability and PNR status.

Apart from these basic services, 139 help line would also employ to serve the premium services and value-added services. These services include hotel booking, booking of tourism products, car rentals, and reservation. The amalgamation of each and every above service would provide Indian Railways an impeccable system of inquiry.


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