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Indian Railways

Indian Railways, since its beginning has come far away. British laid down the railway lines to transport their good and services, which eventually became a mode of transport for people too. At present, there are five railway networks across the world, which includes Central, Eastern, Western and Northern railways. All these railways connect well with the entire nation and people can enjoy traveling from one part of the country to another.

History of Indian Railways

Indian Railways, for more than 150 years has been providing commuting facilities to millions of inhabitants of India. During country’s wavering conditions, Indian Railways maneuvered as a huge integrated force as well as assisted the structure of Indian economy. This organization also supported in accelerating the agriculture and industry growth. IR (Indian Railways) is an official Indian Government department which works beneath the Railways Ministry. This organization has been provided a charge to maneuver the Indian rail network.

Indian railways ministry

The Railways Ministry is escorted by the Railway Minister possessing Cabinet Rank whereas the department of Indian Railways is managed by Railway Board. The organization is still striving to occupy with the method of corporate management since it is a government body. It not only has the benefits of monopoly over the rail transport of India, but is also considered as busiest and largest rail networks all over the world.

Effect of economy by Indian Railways

Indian Railways is also considered as second largest utility or commercial employer across the world possessing 1.6 million employees approximately. IR comprises largest network of rail in Asia and is acclaimed as second largest functioning body under the system of one management. The organization is always known to possess multi traction and multi gauge system. The railway tracks pass via the breadth and length of India, enveloping an approximate length of 67,608 miles (108,805 kilometers).

Indian railways maneuvers both suburban and long distance rail systems. The organization runs approximately 14,444 trains everyday on its railway tracks. IR comprises over 2300 good-sheds, over 7,000 stations, 700 repair shops, 2,22,147 freight wagons and 7,739 locomotives. Indian railways emerged out to be a well-organized system with the advent of computer system. The organization has endeavored to cover the largest rail networks across the world.

Passenger comfort

Apart from long distance journey, several passengers daily make use of rail networks to reach their work place. In Mumbai’s urban city, train is a mode of transportation for a lot of people since they find commuting by train much convenient than by private transport or bus.

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Respected Sir / Madam, Sub - "Use your own Coach" I am Jaydeep Arvind Tanna,Handicapped person (Right above elbow amputation) regularly travel in Mumbai Railway First time Handicapped Coach was established in 1992 in Western Railway this was greatest movement for Handicapped 1)Handicapped are benefited for Reserve Disable Coach to make them able person so they can also be able to Live in the society, which is also guaranteed under the Constitution of India “ The person with Disability (Equal Opportunity Protection of Right & full Participation) Act 1995 came in force 26th Feb 2005” under section –33. 2)In this Disable Coach only disable person are only entitled to travel, No Police or Railway Staff or any other Government Servant but who are not handicapped are not allowed to travel according to the Railway act. 3)Due to this able people ( Not Handicapped) they come in the group and occupied the Door of the compartment which make more difficult for handicapped person to arrived or departure, they also push the handicapped as they are traveling in general compartment 4)Ticket Checker (TC) also very often comes to check in our coach bu while checking they do not fined Govt Servants, Railway Employees, Police do not fined them for traveling in Handicapped Coach who is not handicapped & they are allowed to travel in the handicapped Coach.this clearly shows negligence from Ticket Checker also 5)I would also provide you evidence or proof or prove it at Dadar station at 20.30 hrs to 21.00 hrs Kasara & Karjat fast track train plat form no - 4 literally handicapped person are not able to travel and most of staff. Railway person. Police etc travel in this coach it has become daily routing many time we pull chain & stop train & make able people to get down from coaches but this make the entire train public late. 6)There is also one major problem which also bring sickness & find it difficult to travel in compartment which is done by the beggar who do toilet which make us uncomfortable to travel this is is major part that Railway Authorities should look. 7)Many time we have no option than to make complaint to Railway helpline but in Helpline they do not help us Mobile No – 983331111,Tel – 02222620800 this number are some time busy, some it rings but no receiving call, some call are received but no appropriate action are taken of complaint & sometime they do not entertain our complaint 8)Handicapped Coach objects behind was to bring handicapped to travel and earn for livelihood. So they can also become able person in the society. Suggestion – 1)Ticket Collector should strictly fine the entire Traveler who travels in handicapped Coach who is not handicapped whether they are Government Staff or Railway Employees etc. 2)Ticket collector does not fine such above (1) traveler there should be strict action against such Ticket Collector. 3)Railway Complaint Help line should take appropriate action when the complaint is made by Handicapped Coach or if not taken than there should be strict action against such authority. 4)There is also one major problem which also bring sickness & find it difficult to travel in compartment which is done by the beggar who do toilet which make us uncomfortable to travel this is major part that Railway Authorities as well as Traveling passenger duty to look for this solution. Hope for appropriate action to be taken “Justice Delay is Justice Denied” Thanks & Regards, Jaydeep A Tanna. From, 601,B1,Ekata Safalaya CHS, LBS Marg, Nr Vikas Complex, Thane (W) – 400601. Mobile – 9029542163

this commentin regrds to the railway service which provided by railway body in Govandi railway station. Pessanger are having many problem related to service like the announcement,ticket window & railway time indicater. i had many time verbal decussion with them but not getting postive response. hope for positive reponse

You can check the PNR status of your railways reservation by visiting, it shows the current status of ticket on a mouse click.

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