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Indian Railways Official Website

Indian Railways Official Website

If you are looking for official Indian Railways website, it will be

Indian railways are one of the busiest and fastest railway networks across the world. Traveling by rail is the finest means to enjoy the immense disparity, which exists all over the breadth and length of India. For making your voyage hassle free, the Indian Railway has its own official website, providing all the important details and information concerning Indian Railways Network. Indian Railways has been working continuously to provide high-class amenities to its users.

Services offered by Indian railways official website:

PNR Enquiry

Earlier it was quite difficult for people to obtain the reservation status or PNR status of the ticket, since the inquiries were possible only by means of ticket counters spread throughout the country.

However, with the introduction of computerized systems in the Indian Railways outlets slowly and steadily made the procedure of enquiry simple than ever. Indian railways official website is the finest means to enquire the PNR status. All you need to do is enter the 10 digits number available on the left corner on the top of the ticket, which enables you getting the status of your ticket.

Indian Railways in association with IRCTC (Indian railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) has also introduced a toll-free telephone number '139', which is accessible for people living all over the country, but with a limitation to a few remote areas. IRCTC has also launched SMS services for the passengers to confirm the tickets. You just need to send to SMS 139 by typing PNR, followed by the 10 digits PNR number written at the top left corner of the ticket.

Fare Enquiry

Indian railways Official Website also provides information and details related to fares and accommodation available in the destined train you are looking for. You can view a handy booklet which includes information concerning departure and arrival of the train along with the different class of accommodation and route time table of the trains.

Internet Reservation

Now passengers, without standing in the long queues can enjoy hassle free reservation of tickets at their convenience with just a click of the mouse. Indian Railways Official Website offers its passengers with online reservation of tickets.

No wonders, the Indian Railways Official website receives millions of hits everyday for checking the availability of tickets, PNR status, route time table and many more. There are two kinds of tickets available for the passengers while booking the tickets online, i.e. I-Ticket and E-Ticket.

E-Ticket is an option where, a passenger after booking the ticket online has to take a print out of the ticket and carry an identity proof alongside while traveling. I-Ticket is the option which is sent by courier at the doorstep of the passenger.

Other services that the Indian Railways Official Website offers includes Train Schedule, Time Table of Routes, PNR Status, Names of the Trains, Weekly Train Availability and many more.


I have been searchinng to find out the proceedure of transporting my pet dog alongiwth me in a train from bangalore to chenganur. Can I get the information or get fme a contact No. of the person concerned. Kindly help.....

how long is the journey ? I will advice you to travel by bus/taxi if possible, Indian railways do not allow to carry pets/livestock or atleast you won't be able to carry the pet with you, you need to keep him in storage bogey

sir, I beg most respectfully to state that in our southeastern railway in kharagpur jn there is no local train in between 9am to 3 pm.toward condition of bondh there is no solution for innocent people except waiting for a huge time for train in the kharagpur station without getting any the morning time there are sevarel trains.if you kindly arrenge a train of shifting any train from morning

Good Morning to you all.I travel daily from kharagpur to howrah daily by Sri Jagannath Exp(8410). I wish to know why there is a wide difference between the announcement of arrival and actual arrival of the train. Take for example, Today (03/09/09), at 5.50 hrs the announcement was made that the train will arrive on platform no 2. Again at 6.05 hrs another announcement was made that it will be arriving 30 minutes late. the actual arrival was at 6.40 hrs. The authorities at the station are at a loss to explain this anamoly. you should at least try to give correct information, so that people could make alternate arrangements.

i have lost my original railway reservation ticket.but i m having the photocopy of the ticket so is it possible to travel now?????

I have lost my original railway reservation ticket.but i m having the photocopy of the ticket so is it possible to travel now?????

I frequently travel with my pet by train. I have to purchase 1A ticket for two persons. Now the problem is that, the railways do not allot the cabin/coupe at the time of booking. If I get a coupe, fine, my pet dog can be with me after getting the parcel formalities done. Last time it so happened that instead of coupe we were accommodated in a cabin. The parcel clerk did not allow my pet dog with me in this case and finally I had to settle it in the guard's cage, which was very torturing for the pet which is a Pomeranian dog. I just want to know that what is the procedure to get the coupe allotted at the time of booking. Kindly help..........

hi i am shiva from ramagudam.i know a person called J.V.N.C.raju resident of RE Quarters ramagundam is working as a railway employee and he also owning a firm of civil construction govt employee he should not do this.please do take an severe action on him,if any kind of suggestios on complaint on please drop your valuable suggestions to My mail .thanking you

aj mai ne dekha ki dumdum jn me mai railway ka reservesion karane gya tha. Per vaha token system tha mai ne token liya 99 number tha per vaha dalal ka chaty hai mera piche vala admi tick leker chala gya vaha per RPF ki vi suvidha nahi hai

now a rail journey feels like a 'NARAk'.my inward and outward journey from Howrah Jammu amritsar Howrah by Himgiri and Punjab mail. Both the train journey we were not seeing to clean train toilet or feeling fresh water within the journey.Our Honble railminister,please ask to your comm members will travel without any intimation from amritsar to howrah in sleeper class.

I have lost my original railway reservation ticket.but i m having the photocopy of the ticket so is it possible to travel now?????

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