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Indian Railways Ticket

'''Indian railways Ticket'''

Indian railways boast of lowest train fare across the world. Earlier, Indian Railways Ticket services were done manually till late 1980s. In 1986, it opened a complete computerized center of ticket reservation, in New Delhi.

After the year of 1995, then entire system of ticketing became Internet friendly and passengers can easily access information related to tickets availability and status. At present, the network of booking the tickets has been improvised by means of computerized systems with an exception to far flung regions.

The computerized centers let the passengers book the tickets all over the country. It has become easy to access the Indian Railways Ticket with the introduction of mobile phones and Internet technology.


The introduction of technology into the Indian railways also leads the passengers to pay a few additional surcharges with the actual amount of the ticket. Passengers who frequently make use of train services can buy a quarterly or monthly (Season) pass in order to enjoy uninterrupted travel.

The Indian Railways Ticket system also announced a price cut on the basic cost of the ticket for senior citizens. The system also provides discounts to people with different categories, which include high-ranking government officials, students and disabled. Passengers, also have an option of season tickets, through which one can enjoy unlimited journey on a particular train for a specific time period.

'''Booking the tickets'''

In order to book Indian Railways Ticket, it is essential to mention particular details such as discount (if qualified), age, name etc. The cost of tickets basically includes the actual fare according to the classification of the rail. If there is a dearth of seat availability, then the tickets are issued with the wait-listed number written on it.

The ticket is said to be confirmed only if it includes coach and berth number written on it. The passenger enlisted in the waiting list, should wait till the time there are sufficient cancellations being made by others. If in a case, ticket is not confirmed until the date of departure, the passenger is not permitted to travel in the train.

'''Cancellation of tickets'''

There are a few tickets comes under the Reservation against Cancellation (RAC) category, which shows that the ticket is amongst confirmed list and waiting list. With tickets of this nature a passengers have the permission to enter the rail and take a selected seat given by the TC (Ticket Collector).

'''Online booking and cancellation of tickets'''

The official website of Indian Railways is introduced for the convenience of the passengers, where one can book and cancel the tickets online, with a surcharge or deduction of money on the actual value.


I request to inform u that in South Eastern Railway Kharagpur Division in Haldia Station Railway Staff (like Token Porters) are selling tickets from ATVM machine instead of Booking Counter. They are doing side business with ATVM Machine. I ask to station Incharge to recharge my ATVM card but he said me that Machine not working but his staff giving Tickets from ATVM to the passengers. I also inform u that in Haldia Station Weekly a Train goes to Chennai that day maximum tickets are sold from ATVM Machine by Railway Staff(Token Porters)for their business.

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