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Indian Railways Ticket Cancellation

Indian Railways Ticket Cancellation

Indian Railways permits you to confirm the reservation, PNR status, and seat availability online on the official website of Indian Railways Reservation Enquiry. If you are making certain modifications or looking forward to canceling the ticket, a good percentage ranges from 25 to 50% is being charged by the Indian Railways. For cancellation and refunds after the train’s departure, it is necessary for a person to bring along the ticket to the booking outlet. Tickets purchased online are difficult to be canceled, except for the E-tickets. They are required to present to the booking outlet. Cancellation of I-Tickets can be done under following circumstances.

Cancellation of I-Ticket before train’s departure

You can cancel the I-ticket simply by reaching the computerized reservation outlet all over India and can obtain a canceled ticket. In this case, there will be no refund of cash. Bank charges which are being enforced by the Banks or Payment gateways are not subjected to refund the money in the procedure of canceling the tickets. Also, the service charges are not refundable. Refund of money is possible after deducting the cancellation charges, which is as follows:

  • If reservation against cancellation is canceled by the passenger then around Rs. 20 shall be withheld.
  • If you have canceled a ticket in excess of 24 hours before the train’s departure, then a sum of Rs 70 will be deducted for AC first class passenger, for 2-Tier and 3-Tier AC Rs. 60 shall be withheld.

Cancellation of I-ticket after Train’s Departure

The cancellation charges would be 50 per cent deduction of the ticket cost in the following cases:

  • I-tickets can be canceled within the four hours before the train’s departure.
  • Can be canceled within a time period of 3 hours after the actual departure.

Direct reimbursement

You can also claim for reimbursement to the address mentioned below attaching the Ticket Deposit Receipt. The address is as follows:

General Manager/Operations, Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation, 9th Floor, Bank of Baroda Building, 16 Parliament Street, New Delhi - 110 001

It is then in the hands of IRCTC to process your refund claim by way of Railway Administration. The refund shall be added to the account of the passenger.

Cancellation of I-Ticket in the case of Cancelled train

I-Ticket can be easily canceled up to 72 hours after the planned departure of the train at every computerized reservation outlet.


I have booked 1st AC I-ticket of Goa Samarpak express, but i totally forgot that, i found that ticket after a 2 days of my actual journey, so my question is will be it get cancel now, Actually the cost of ticket is high, thats why if i get any amount , it will be good for me.

its hard to believe that you forgot you had reservation, anyway No, you can't cancel it now. you have to cancel it 2 hour before the chart gets finalized.

Sir I have booked my reservations through I-Ticket for DOJ 19-11-2009. Now, I have plan to journey as on 16th Oct 2009. Can I cancel the I ticket. please guide us what is the procedure for the same and oblige. Pankaj

sir,i miss my train.because of waiting 5(AC lll) in sangam express (4164) on 25-11-09 so please kindly refund my money.

My ticket back to Mumbai, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to be exact, is on waiting list 30. The journey is scheduled for the 30th of December. Assuming I want to cancel my ticket, can I do it from Kochi(where I am currently) and then apply for Tatkal? Please do let me know. Thank you.

Wrong way of Indian Railways to loot public money. You all know the recent times (past 2 to 3 years) travelling by train has been increased.. Railways allowing people to book e-tickets (whether available or waitlisted) well in advance... the result more number of people booking e-tickets but in real time when the status of WL e-tickets remain WL at journey time they are not valid and passanger have no right to travel with that & no other alternative left as railways are making money by selling Tatkal tickets with out giving preference to wait listed passangers. The refund process of waitlisted e-tickets after auto cancellation by railways is funny. They charge 30rs for cancellation (other charges by credit cards/net banking also not reimbursed on cancelled tickets) so Out & Out Rs.2000/- to Rs.3000/- profit alone on waitlisted e-tickets auto cancellation for each train... now just calculate on an average how much indian railways earning per day

my ticket dt is on 1 march2010 n wnt to cancell it 4 28 feb2010 ,can u be able to do so

I have a customer of But customer login is stopped,now how to cancel my e ticket

Sir, 1. I am serving in the Army. I am odered to proceed on temporary duty from Jammu Tawi (J&K) to Bangalore on 13 May 2010. Reservations for the said journey has been done on Military Rly Warrants (IAFT-1752). Now the plan for journey has been postpond upto the month of Aug 2010. 2. Now I want to know that the reservations are required in the same and only date of journey is to be changed. Is it possible?

you have to go to the counter and need to inform them that as your plan is postponed you want to change the date of journey. It will be done.

go to your booked history tab if its booked from irctc and enter your login id and password and select the ticket and click on cancel e-ticket.

i tried to purchase on 22.04.10 two ac two tier ticets for myself and my wife kalpana chakrabarti,both senior citizens,for the train 3019 bagh express from hwh to kgm for journey date 22.07.10.when i checked the e-ticket i found that i had been issued tickets for 22.04.10.naturally i immediately sought cancellation of the said tickets and got it to be refunded was mentioned in the cancellation intimation. thereafter i tried to purchase the tickets for 22.07.10.and e-tickets for the date were issued. next day when i checked my sbi atm account i found to my dismay that rs.2007 had been deducted from my account three times. i contacted the helfline no. and informed them of my predicament. i was assured that the mistake would be corrected in 2to 3 days. on 26.04.10 when i checked my atm i found no correction.meanwhile because of certain problems i had to get my tickets for 22.07.10 cancelled and received cancellation intimation with amount of refund mentioned. when do i get my money back?

I happens, definitely ur money will bee refunded,, but it would take time in worst case 15 days or so.

sir, i've ma tickets to dharmavaram on 14th may . If I cancel ma tickets 2day how much % wud b deducted . plz reply

sir ,I booked a tic to ujjain on 13 th may ac 3 tr by my debit card from mumbai central.The tic was not conformed and i traveled by the bus to ujjain.Now i want to get the refund for the same .As I was in Ujjain till 18 th and their was told their by rly's tht ths tic can be refunded only at bct or VT in mum.pls guide me how to proceed on ths . Regds Nitin

PNR Number 2631901353 Booked On 18-2-2010 Transaction ID 0185605575 Ticket Type eticket Class 3A Internet Service Charge Rs 25.00 Date Of Journey 18/2/2010 Ticket Charge Rs 2020.00 Bank HDFC Total Rs 2045.00 Train No 2954 Railway Zone WR From Station H NIZAMUDDIN(NZM) IRCTC Zone Group General Manager/Western Zone (IRCTC) Mumbai To Station NAGDA JN(NAD) Quota General Ticket Details S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status 1 harsh birla 28 Male 0000/ Booked 2 lalita birla 27 Female 0000/ Booked Reason For TDR : Passenger Not Travelled. TDR Status : Forwarded To Railway Reference No : ekt2010021901068203 TDR Zone : WR TDR Filing Date : 19-Feb-2010 Forward To Railway On : 11-Mar-2010 Refund Status : Refund under Process Refund Date : Not Available Refund Amount : Rs.0.00

I alongwith my family travelled from Delhi to Gaya Jn in Rajdhani ACII on 13 Dec 2009. I do not recollect the whether it was Kolkata/ Sealdah / or Bhuvneshwar Rajdhani. Exact train name or numberis not known. The ticket was obtained by exchanging free warrant at reservation counter at Kota Railway station reservation counter. I know the number of the free warrant and also the date of journey as mentioned above. Now that ticket has been placed under audit objection. To settle the audit objection I need to have a duplicate ticket of the journey which I performed nearly seven months ago. How can I get a duplicate copy of the ticket? Or how can I get the details like PNR No and number of passangers listed in that ticket?

I cancelled my E ticket beforw the chart preparation, but when i go to Refund Status-->Cancelled Ticket, it does not show any Detail of Cancelled Ticket.Plz Help

Is it possible to cancel a ticket, if i have not booked any, if not pls advice wat should i do to cancel a ticket

i have booked an e ticket of AC 3 dated 25th june for 2 passenger but one of the e ticket was not confirmed.i hav'nt cancled the ticket which was not confirmed because as per norm the wating e ticket get cancled automatically but my money is not credited to my account..plz let me know what to do???

i have booked an e ticket of AC 3 dated 25th june for 2 passenger but one of the e ticket was not confirmed.i hav'nt cancled the ticket which was not confirmed because as per norm the wating e ticket get cancled automatically but my money is not credited to my account..plz let me know what to do???

i have booked a ticket from rail way station did i can cancel that ticket from net? That ticket is for 10/07/2010 night train name Garibhrath please inform how can i cancel ticket from inter net.

for last three days i just want to open the sited for getting the forms for cancellation but some how it is snot user friendly and i could not open the site to get the forms so that i can fill it and thus i am not able to canceled.

what is the procedure to cancel a confirmed I-ticket if out of 2 passengers one needs to cancel the travel and another needs to travel on the same ticket?

Is it an online ticket ? anyway you need to go nearest ticket counter of Indian railways and ask them to cancel the seat of one passenger. I think a new PNR will be generated of your new ticket, though you will still have one seat booked on your name.

Out of 3 passengers one waant to cancel and 2 passegenrs want to travel on same ticket what is the procedure for canelling one passenger from out of 3.

My trian departure time was 21.10 hrs. I have tried to cancel online my e-ticket at 16.00 hrs. But a message has come chart prepared e-ticket can not be cancelled? What is actual rule for latest time for cancellation of e-ticket online?

I want to cancell my ticket since yesterday but your maintainance work I cant cancelled it so How can I get me back my fund please reply soon that is not our falut I will go in cusumer court for appeal so kindly please reply as early as possible milind pimpale 09225110175 02512694137

we have booked two e-tickets in dehradoon satabdi for 7th we want to cancel one of the ticket.will the money be refunded immediately?

sir i have booked my ticket online.. and i have cancelled it.. i want to know when will i get the refund... the details are mentioned below..plzz help Cancellation Status Details PNR-Number 8146671267 Train Number 2471 Train Name Date 28- 10- 2010 12:00:00 AM From Station BANDRA TERMINUS To station AMBALA CANT JN Reservation upto AMBALA CANT JN Boarding point BANDRA TERMINUS Class 2A No of passengers Charting Status Cancellation Reason Cash Paid Rs. 1639.0 Cash Deducted Rs. 20.0 Cash Refund* Rs. 1619.0 *Refund Amount mentioned would be refunded back electronically to the account used for booking. If the Refund amount is appearing as '0' for Tatkal ticket cancellations, there will be 'NO' refunds to the account.

i have booked ticket through post office from hassan to mangalore on 31/08/2010, due to some reason i could not go on the day of booking, so how can i get the refund. can i cancel the ticket and get the refund after the train is departured? it is already one 9 days

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