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Indian Railways Ticket Confirmation

Indian Railways Ticket Confirmation

Indian railways are second largest rail networks across the world and are famous and convenient means of transport to travel all over India. It provides you a lot of options while you opt to explore the country by train. It is also known by the name of 'palace on wheels', thus takes its passenger into the world's royal life. There are a plethora of trains available for the passengers, which covers India as a whole. Indian railways network has set up superior standards in providing efficient rail system for the commuters. Indian Railways is the most convenient and inexpensive means of transport. Every day it caters to approximately 16 million commuters.

Introduction to Technology

While looking forward to traveling with Indian Railways, it is necessary for passengers to confirm the ticket reservation. Earlier, the Indian railway's Ticket Confirmation system was a complex process. People had to visit various ticket counters available in the almost entire country and stand in the long queues for several hours. But now, since the technology has improved the whole system of ticket reservation became Internet friendly. Now it is possible for people to access the latest information related to the availability and status of the ticket. With Indian railways Official Website, one can easily get the details concerning Ticket Confirmation.

Indian Railways & IRCTC

Now, it has become very simple for the users to check the status of the ticket, just with a mouse click. The Indian railways along with its subsidiary IRCTC has introduced several ways to obtain the PNR status and Ticket confirmation details. In order to enjoy the benefits of ticket confirmation via Internet, one has to pay certain additional charges. These charges are levied by the IRCTC in exchange for the convenience it provides to the passengers. Those who commute daily via rail can enjoy the benefits of the season pass, to avoid any further hassle.

Services to obtain information on Indian Railways Ticket Confirmation

In order to confirm the reservation of the ticket, many services have been introduced by IRCTC at your ease. You can simply dial 139 toll-free telephone number anywhere within India and ask for your ticket confirmation. Also, you can SMS to 139 and acquire the PNR status of your ticket. These services are very easy to use. It is not a barrier for those who encompass certain telecom services like BSNL landline, MTNL landline, Airtel, Aircel or Vodafone enabled handsets.


I have lost my return ticket of FALAKNAMA EXP. from visakapatanam to cuttack dated 24/07/2010.pls inform me my PNR No. and process to get a duplicate ticket of same.

I want to know mu train ticket is confirmed or not. My pnr no. is 624-4986579. its urgent

I can not received conformation letter. please send conformation copy by mail

I Want to know my train ticket is confirmed or not my pnr no. is 834-7404943 & 840-3144993 & 254-0047633 & 211-0967289.

i want to know my ticket is conform or not my pnr no. is 834-7404943 & 840-3144993 & 254-0047633 & 211-0967289.

Nope, it is RAC but it should get cleared as the journey is on 15th november, please check to know pnr status

I want to know my train ticket confirm or not my pnr no. 814-5918096. and 241-0515247 plz giv me email urjently

I want to know wheather the ticket will confirm or not.PNR is 6148807283, DOJ 31/10/2010,Train no.2807

i want to know my train ticket is confirmed or not my pnr 422-3731856 & 442-3721053.

I want to know my train ticket is confirmed or not my PNR No is 422-3731856 & 442-3721053. Train No.: 8048 Train Name.: VSG HOWRAH EXP from Gadag Jn to Bhubaneswar Date : 28-11-2010 With regards Govind Sawant

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