Indian Railways PNR status

Indian railways PNR status

PNR is a short form of Passenger Name Record. It acts as a database of the passenger recorded in the Indian railways computerized reservation systems. Since, India is a vast country it becomes difficult to reserve the tickets just before the date to travel except Tatkal service. It is necessary for you to plan your voyage well in advance and book the tickets in advance for the same. Many times, it might be tricky to find the availability of the train we want. In this situation, one should always keep a track record of PNR status. Indian Railways Network being the largest company across the country has started providing various ways in order to keep a track of the PNR status.

Services by Indian railways system

Many passengers keep on searching for the Indian Railways PNR Status, for their reserved tickets. Also, they keep on searching for toll-free numbers (If available) from where they can extract the information related to passenger information or arrival and departure of destined train. IRCTC (Indian railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) is a subsidiary of Indian Railways. The organization provides several alternatives to obtain the Indian Railways PNR Status.

To know your Reservation Status, Check Rail Ticket PNR Status and Status of Railway Ticket

Guidelines and ways to acquire PNR status

Through Mobile or landlines

The department of Indian Railways in association with IRCTC has introduced a toll-free telephone number ‘139’. This service is entirely a free service which works within India, along with a few towns and villages. What all you need to do is, call ‘139’ from the MTNL Landlines, BSNL Landlines, Garuda, Vodaphone, Idea, Aircel and Spice telecom operators enabled mobiles in order to obtain SMS, Fax and call back facility. For Mumbai and Delhi residents, there is one more advantage that Indian railways provide which is to dial the number 139 following 10 digit numbers and get access to the train status and ticket PNS status instantly.

Through SMS

To obtain Indian Railways PNR Status, you are required to send a SMS to5888 or 5676747 by writing ‘PNR… followed by ten digits PNR number’. You can also fetch avail 139 service on SMS in order to obtain the PNR status. This is a new service, which is started by the Indian Railways department recently, where a person can send a SMS to 139 and obtain information related to fare, class of accommodation etc.

Official Indian Railways website

The Indian Railways PNR Status can also be accessed from the Indian Railways official website. All you need to do is fill in the 10 digit PNR number into the text area to get the PNR status.


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PNR Status.442-2395624.


pnr no 252-9985991


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pnr no 4313436113

train no 2685 i want taime of chennai central to vadakara departure and arival my date of journey 26-Des-2009

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will u plz send me the pnr status of pnr no.623-5941409

pnr no 421-3445163 and 421-3445070, status plz.

PNR NO 421-3445163 & 421-3445070, STATUS PLZ.


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pnr no 263-0975376 satus

sir could not get my pnr status plz help me this is my pnr number:8527143616

currently w\l 153

Dear Sir, This is to inform you that , I am take a e-ticket from my office, it's staus was waiting-154, but TT charged me Rs. 711/- and taked me, your ticket was cancelled . At that time I am very sad and gave Rs. 711/- with take railway mony slip. I feel It system is very bad in indian railway passenger service. My e-ticket details as below: Journey Date : 14.03.2010 PNR NO. : 230 3898138 New Delhi to Bhubaneswar Train : Purushottam Express Train No. : 2802 TT Name : J.B. Singh Ticket cheking Duty : Coah No. 8

PNR no 4316300822 what is the PNR status and will this train stop at KR Puram, Bangalore

can you please send the details of my PNR status? i want to know whether my ticket is confirmed or not....... pnr-643-7554841

PNR no.441-6968218 & 452-9408936 status plz!!

sir, ur pnr 4416968218 => W/L 17 TO 20 & 4529408936 => W/L 21 TO 25

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I have booked 2 tickets(named SHYAM KUMAR NAIR & BANDITA NAIR) to and fro from cuttack to visakapatanam, but i have lost my return ticket(dated 24/07/2010).My first( to )ticket's PNR no is 634-3319231. So please inform me the PNR no of my return ticket urgently & as soon as possible.

what is your status from RMDY SEC-BAD PNR NO :6443600704 WE are RLWL 84,85,86,& 87.DATE 27/08/2010. PH -9849749568 & 09438071089.

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Hi, This is fahim I just want to cancel my reservation so, sugguest me how could i do this.

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