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Indrail Pass

A large section of Indian Diaspora is present in various parts of the globe. These people always require traveling to India to unite with their relatives or for some tourism purposes. Foreign nationals also travel for tourism or for educational or research purposes to various tourism centers or centers of educational excellence. Indian railway has got different kind of tickets to cater to the different kinds of requirements of different kinds of passengers. To facilitate hassle free travel for foreign tourists or Non resident Indians’ travelling needs, Indian railway has got a different kind of pass known as Indrail pass. This travel as you please pass is then presented for reservation to various places.

Indrail Pass that is but a prepaid pass, is sold to foreigners and NRIs in Us dollar or Pound Sterling or any currency declared valid by Indian railway. General Sales Agents located in different countries appointed by the Indian railway or authorized to sell by the Indian railway sell such pass. It is also available in India in different locations like Aehmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangaluru, Howrah, Chennai, Mumbai etc. Valid Passport or Visa is required to purchase such pass. It is available in any classes or any routes in Indian railways. It is issued on a particular person’s name, hence it is non transferable. It is valid for one year and should be used within one year. It is available for ½ day or 90 days maximum. Validity period starts from the date of first journey.

Railway also provide special quota for foreign tourists and this quota is available for reservation against Indrail pass. By this kind of highly flexible passes Indian railway facilitate tourism in different parts of India. The cost of Indrail pass varies from class to class and details can be had in the website of Indian railway or from authorized persons nominated in various important stations. Foreign nationals not conversant with the rules should approach authorized railway staff for proper guidance regarding journey plans, Indrail pass or any other need related to rail travel.

No refund is granted on partially used Indrail pass or lost Indrail pass. Unused Indrail pass surrendered after the first day of validity on which no advance reservation has been made is refundable as per rules applicable to such pass.

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