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Info Services

Info services are referred to those services fro where people can have access to various types of information’s very easily. People are always looking for some information and for this they need to rely on certain media. The mediums that are mostly widely used to gain information are newspaper, magazines, television and internet.

'''There are various firms that offer info services to the people and they are as follows:'''

'''Just Dial '''– this one is an online info or information service provider that allows the people to have access to various kinds of information, such as nearby coffee shop, restaurant, book store, shopping mall, etc. This company is better known as the friendly local search engine that can offer any information to the people they want.

'''Infomedia Yellow Pages '''– This one is a well known classified directory from where people can have access to various information they want. This one is like a B2B directory that helps a trader to know plenty of things. The yellow page is also available in an interactive CD ROM, mobile and also on the web.

'''Sulekha''' – This is also an info service company that offers information to the people on almost any thing. This is one website people can place their advertisement directly on to the website and they can also make online payment as well. People can customize the homepage of this website based on the city in which they stay. Apart from this the service is also available to the people of USA and Canada as well.

'''Newspaper Classifieds''' – News paper classifieds also plays a leading role in offering info services to the people. Some of the leading newspapers like The Telegraph, Times of India, and Hindustan Times offers classified info services to its readers from where people can know plenty of things such as the best showrooms, the best job openings and many more.