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The Institute Of Mass Communication Film And Television Studies

This institute offers courses in all aspects of Media Education. These include Mass communication, Journalism, Advertising, Audio-Visual Communication and others.

The faculty here comprises of influential people from the educational, media, social work and corporate sectors and the affiliation is to the University of Kalyani.

The courses offered here range from under-graduate degrees in Media Studies to diploma courses in Mass Communication and it even offers a Masters degree in Media Studies which includes subjects like Multimedia, Animation and Web-Designing. The institute aims and the all-round development of the students and complete maturing of their skills so that they grow into successful media personnel. It also generates employment opportunities for students as it has collaborations with the All India Radio and various television channels.

There has been a recent upsurge in the Media industry and this institute has dedicated its services to provide the best workforce to fill the spaces. They provide the students with theoretical as well as practical training in the various aspects of Mass Communication which allows a student to explore all his potential and abilities.
The student’s practical training includes journalism work for the institutes Magazine, writing critical analyses of films that are screened for them, video formatting, etc.

This institute specializes in Media education and so is rapidly growing in importance and popularity with the changing times. If one is looking for a future in the Entertainment industry this institute is the smartest way to achieve that dream.


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