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International Flower Festival

The International Flower Festival takes place near White Hall in Gangtok in Sikkim. Sikkim is the land of mountains, fields and orchards. Because of its climate, natural vegetation and wild life this land is very attractive to tourists.

  • This festival is festival of flowers and as Sikkim is a land famous for its natural vegetation and orchards this place is just perfect for the Flower Festival. Thus this festival takes place during the month of May which is the peak flowering season in the state.
  • In this festival the state shows different and rare verities of flowers which are native to Sikkim.
  • Different kinds of flowers are exhibited in the fair. Thirty types of exotic Rhododendron ranging from gigantic to 2 inches in length are exhibited in the International Flower Festival.
  • The other plume for the state of Sikkim is its orchid of which 400 different kinds grow there. Both the epiphyte and the terrestrial varieties are showcased.
  • Different varieties of bamboo are also exhibited. Bamboos grow in abundance in Sikkim and thus these bamboos form an integral part of the daily needs of the people here.
  • As this state is rich for its flora and fauna it displays about 600 types of orchids, 240 species of trees and ferns, 150 varieties of gladioli and 46 types of world famous flowers.
  • Other than flowers exhibitions the International Flower Festival also holds entertainment features and food stalls for the visitors. River rafting and yak safari are also some special attractions of this festival.
  • During this festival the experts and masters of botanical sciences come up to see the fair and hold lectures and seminars on this species of flowers and flower related things.

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