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Is It Necessary To Book Luggage In Break Van?

A Break Van is a luggage compartment which is attached at the end of every train. This compartment is used to carry any oversized luggage, like a bicycle, motorbike, or camping equipment, which cannot be carried in the passenger’s cabin.

The luggage which needs to be carried in the Break Van does not need a prior booking. All that needs to be done is to arrive at the station much in advance of the departure time of the train which is supposed to carry the luggage and book your luggage in the Break Van. The booking can be done at the luggage office which is located near the train platform. It is a must that you should be traveling by that particular train and your ticket would act as proof of travel. It is also advisable that you are present in person at the Break Van when the loading and unloading of your luggage takes place. This would help avoid the occurrence of missing luggage.

The weight allowances vary according to the class of travel. A free allowance of 35kg for second class, 40kg for Second Class Sleeper and Third Class AC Sleeper, 50kg for Second Class AC Sleeper, and 70kg for First Class AC is given to the passengers. You may exceed the limit by a maximum of 10 Kg after which the charges would be levied on you. A point to take note of would be if your luggage amount is more than the free allowance, you will need to pay the additional charge whether or not you store it in the luggage van.


I want to book my yamaha motor cycle of around 120kg weight from new Delhi to Salem Jn what will be the cost and formalities

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Can we carry empty gas cylinder in break van.I want to carry it from manglore to trivandrum.

Can we carry empty gas cylinder in break van.I want to carry it from manglore to trivandrum.