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About Jaya TV

Jaya TV is one of the major Tamil language satellite television channel based in Chennai, India. Jaya TV has recently (December 2007) launched two other channels namely Jaya Plus and Jaya Max to concentrate more on news and entertainment. The channel is always criticised for its pro AIADMK approach in news and other programs and the same is justified like its rival channel, Sun TV.

The Network runs a number of popular serials presented by some of the best names in South Indian films today. These in combination with a number of popular chat shows and game shows give the network an edge with the viewers. Some popular shows to list are Jackpot, Kalki, Veetuku Veedu Looty and Hasini Paesum Padam.

In today's world information is the catch word and the Jaya Television Network has capitalised on the increasing demand for news that is unbiased, timely and accurate.

Jaya TV Programs

• Teleseen • New Cinema • News • Roja • Kalki • Suprabatham • Arul Neram • Baalabrumum • Dinam Oru Divya Namam • Kaalai Malar • Thenkinnam • Maruthuvam Palavidham • Iniya Illam • Ketimelam • Dail Jaya TV • Veetuku Veedy Looty • Comedy Bazzar • Sema Scene Ma • Kollywood Dairy • Hari Giri Assembly • Alaipayuthe • Simran Thirai • Comedy Colony • English News • Tamil News • Dance Jodi Dance • Suvaiyo Suvai • Hasini Paesum Padam • Iyarkai Maruthuvam • Visu Makkal Arangam • Kelvi Kannai • Sokuthea Manam • Hits • Divya Desam • Rajavaithiyam • Nalamudan Vazha • Jackpot • Endrum Illamai

Jackpot -

Jackpot is the knowledge based successful game show. This Indian TV achieved that unique distinction when its game show Jackpot game show has already completed 200 episodes on Sunday, July 9, 2006. Jackpot, hosted by actress Khushboo, is Jaya TV's highest-rated programme. The production cost of Jackpot is in the range of Rs 80,000 to Rs 1,00,000. Spread over six rounds, Jackpot has two teams competing with each other each week.

Simran Thirai -

Simran Thirai is not a serial but a Tele-film with different stories that will be aired from March 3 on Jaya TV, Mon-Fri 8.30 pm. The series will have a mini serial per month with one story running for a month. The stories are selected from many writers and will be directed by different directors. Simran will handle the protagonist’s role in each story. Every story will have by a different director and technicians to give a distinct cinematic flavour to the programme. Simran Thirai is produced by Pyramid Saimira.

Kalki -

Kalki is a dynamic young woman. Orphaned at the age of 18, Kalki takes up the responsibility of running the family that includes her little sister, Anjali. The experience shapes her and moulds her into a fine personality. Her carefree world changes when she marries her beloved Mano, from an affluent family, much against the wishes of his relatives. Problems arise when Anjali comes and stays with Kalki.

With the support of Mano, Kalki deals with the situation cleverly. And then there is a sudden change in Mano's attitude. She faces a lot of problems and the serial shows how she tackles these problems.


hai i'm praveena i and my friends like mayavi serial that ur telecast in 2008 and some of my friend 's r not seeing so please please once again telecast in the jaya tv its our please kimnd reqtest.../..d b ghtv

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