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Jet Airways Flight

Jet Airways flight has their main centre at Chatrapati Shivaji Airport Mumbai and also consists of many important hubs all over India. Jet Airways Flight started its service on 1994. It started with a fleet of 4 Boeing 737s but due to some business inconvenience the value of the firm can be affected. In today’s date Jet Airways have earned many national as well as international awards.

On April, 07 Air Sahara was bought over by Jet Airways which resulted in over 32% share in Indian Aviation Market. Jet airways have grown tremendously over the years and with the arrival of new Aircrafts it will increase further. Jet Airways flights are very punctual.

The cost of traveling (fares) in Jet Airways flights are given below:

DESTINATION: Kolkata to Guwahati

FARE: Rs. 101 DEPARTURE: 6:10 ARRIVAL: 7:15

DESTINATION: Mumbai to Hyderabad

FARE: Rs. 101 DEPARTURE: 18:45 ARRIVAL: 20:00

DESTINATION: Bangalore to Hyderabad

FARE: Rs. 101 DEPARTURE: 19:15 ARRIVAL: 20:45

DESTINATION: Chennai to Bangalore

FARE: Rs. 101


ARRIVAL: 18:20

DESTINATION: Chennai to Coimbatore

FARE: Rs. 101


ARRIVAL: 20:35

DESTINATION: Mumbai to Goa

DATE: November 29th and 30th, o9

FARE: Rs. 600



DESTINATION: Goa to Mumbai

FARE: Rs. 600


ARRIVAL: 03:45 pm

DESTINATION: Ahmadabad to Mumbai

FARE: Rs. 700

DEPARTURE: 7:30 pm

ARRIVAL: 8:30 pm

DESTINATION: Goa to Mumbai

DATE: November 21ST, 09 FARE: Rs. 700

DEPARTURE: 02:45 pm

ARRIVAL: 03:45 pm

DESTINATION: Hyderabad to Mumbai

DATE: November 30th, 09 FARE: Rs. 700

DEPARTURE: 03:05 pm

ARRIVAL: 04:25 pm

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