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Jewellery Design & Technology Institute

The Jewellery Design and Technology Institute is an academy which aims at strengthening the country’s already capable designers and craftsmen for the fields of Jewellery design and technology, by training them with the latest technology available in this field.
The institute is under the sponsorship of BKN Education Society a non profit organization established in 1860.

'''Establishment of the institute'''

The idea of this institute was first brought forward by Silver Smith India ltd and was promoted by the Indo-German Export Promotion Project, because of the talent and strength in this country that has been handed down now for generations, this facility provides the already talented craftsmen of India a way to strengthen their talents by ways of new technology in these fields to promote and facilitate the demanding market. The institute was thus founded in 1999 and has become an important part of this industry in the country with a large number of its students getting selected by reputed companies for their exceptional work and talents exhibited here.

'''Courses offered'''
Courses here range from short one year diplomas to specialized integrated designing courses in jewellery design, the institute also conducts many workshops through out the year providing its students with a stage to display their talents which usually go unnoticed.

'''Facilities provided'''

Some of the facilities provided here to its students that keep it apart of other academies in this field are its state of the art workshop and design studios, Latest equipment and instruments brought here from countries like USA and Germany, a very detailed curriculum designed to bring out the hidden talent in people and Career Counseling Sessions.