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Joranda Mela

Joranda Mela is mainly celebrated by the people belonging to Mahima dharma religion. It is held every year at Joranda which is located in the Dhenkanal district of Orissa. This fair is celebrated in the month of February on the Magha Purnima day. It is also referred to as the Mahima Mela. The Joranda Mela continues for a period of three days in which the Mahima priests gather from various part of the country to worship in the holy shrine of Mahima Gosain's.

This fair was first initiated by Mahima Swami in the year 1874 and ever since it is regularly celebrated every year by the people of the Mahima dharma religion. Every year several devotees of the Mahima religion gather here to participate and witness the important Joranda Fair. The devotees from different parts of Orissa comes for this important occasion with the view of gaining wisdom that will help them to discover calmness in their life and also in achieving the nirvana (Swarg) after death.

During the Joranda Mela several religious rituals are being performed by the priests and the people of this religion. One such prime ritual is the burning enough amount of ghee in Jajnan Khud. The people believes that this yagan will in bringing peace back to the earth. The devotees offer their prayer to their god by saying. Alekh Brahma’. They believe that all these devotion will refine our earth and will provide the people with all their basic needs that are required for in their daily lives.

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