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Kallapiran Temple

Kallapiran Temple is located at Srivaikundam.This is in Tuticorin district, state of Tamilnadu. The best time to visit the Kallapiran Temple is all year round. The darshan time for Kallapiran Temple is 6am-12am and 4pm-8pm. There are 9 thalams and they are collectively and popularly called as “Nava Thiruppathigal”. Kallapiran Temple is the 1 st thalam of “Nava Thiruppathigal”. The Moolavar in the Kallapiran Temple is Vaikuntanathar. Vaikuntanathar is also called as Kallapiran. So we call this temple as Kallapiran Temple.

The some of the features in the Kallapiran Temple the sun rays falls directly on the Lord Vaikuntanathan for two days, on the 6th day of the Chitrai that is April-May month and Aipasi that is October-November month every year. The Swami Kallapiran Temple was built by Ukirapandiar who ruled this area in the early period.

From Chennai, one can take Kanyakumari Express from 4.30am arrival, Ananthapuri Express 7.30am arrival or Nellai Express 8.35am arrival. Through buses or by hiring taxi only we can reach the Temple and from various places also we can reach the Kallapiran Temple.

While we reach Tirunelveli there is a good and safe place to stay. Also, there are different types of hotels near to the railway station. They are not allowing taking photographs inside the Kallapiran Temple.

We can visit so many sculptures, architectures and monuments inside the Kallapiran Temple. Yearly once vaikunta ekadasi festival is celebrated in a grand manner in that time the Kallapiran Temple is opened all time.

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