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Kalash Puja

Kalash is considered to be the vital part of every puja. It is usually made from brass or silver and is meant for carrying water. It also represents the god or goddess in every puja. According to Hindu Mythology, Kalash is considered to be the vessel that contains amrita, which is the elixir of life and for this reason Kalash is seen as a symbol of immortality and wisdom.

Kalash is always seen in the hands of Hindu deities like Brahma, Shiva as well as goddess Lakshmi. Therefore this object is considered sacred and is a must in every puja. Without this, the puja is absolutely incomplete. The process of making a Kalash is mentioned below:

i. The first thing that is needed is an empty rounded vessel made from either brass or silver. It should be cleaned thoroughly and the water content on the outside must be wiped off.

ii. Then the pot should be decorated by using kumkum dots and turmeric or haldi.

iii. After doing this, the pot must be filled with sacred or holy water. The main source of such water is the rivers.

iv. Dried fruit, coins and uncooked rice must be placed inside after filling the pot with holy water. The contents of the pot usually vary from region to region.

v. The neck of the pot need to be decorated with Mango leaves and the end tip of the leaves must be pointing upwards.

vi. Then a coconut is placed at the top of the vessel. The very coconut is also decorated with the paste of sandalwood, turmeric as well as with kumkum dots.

vii. The eye of the coconut must be seen on the top.

viii. One can also use a thread or an unstitched cloth to tie the pot.

ix. Flowers and garlands can also be used to decorate the kalash.

In some cases, face of a goddess made from either brass or silver is attached on to the coconut thereby symbolizing the Goddess as the manifestation of mother earth.


Hello, can u please tell can we shift household items before doing kalash puja... we may not go to stay and cook food before.. but can we shift itms??

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