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KarvaChauthVratis observed by the married women for the long life of their husband. This festival is celebrated 9 days before Diwali. The festival mainly depends on the rising and the movements of the moon.

The ritual of the festival

  • During this festival the women fast for the whole day and break their fast only after seeing the moon.
  • During the festival women get up early at the morning and eat the food called sargi. This Sargi is given to them by their mother-in-laws.
  • The Sargi includes food, dress items and jewelries which are presented to the daughter in law.
  • After eating the sargi at the early dawn the ladies are not allowed to eat anything until the moon come out.
  • When the moon come out the ladies break their fats by first seeing the moon and their husband’s face. Their husband’s feed them with sweets and water and after that only they are allowed to have anything. Thus their KarvaChauthVrat gets over.
  • Prior to the observance of this ritual the ladies worship AmbikaGauriMaata or Goddess Parvati and listen to the story or the KarvaChauthVrat Katha or Viravati.
  • After listening to the story they arrange the KarvaChauthVratthalis and circle the thalis among themselves for 6 times singing a song.
  • The song of KarvaChauth which they sing for 6 times is:

VeeroKudiyeKarwada, SarvSuhaganKarwada, Aye KattiNaya Teri Naa, KumbhChrakhraFeriNaa, Aar Pair payeenNaa, RuthdamaniyenNaa, SuthraJagayeenNaa, VeVeeroKuriyeKarwara, VeSarvSuhaganKarwara.......

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