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This is the story of a middle class girl - Kasturi hailing from Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Kasturi to support her family and help her ailing father get a job, but falls in love with her boss, Robbie Sabharwal an arrogant tycoon. Opposites attract and Kastrui and Robbie were a perfect example of this. Kasturi and Robbie are about o get married but a misunderstanding arises between them. Robbie insults Kasturi's family and doesn't turn up at the mandap. Raunak comes to the rescue of Kasturi and saves the situation. Raunak marries Kasturi. Thus bringing the two best of friends, Robbie and Raunak, at loggerheads.

After few days of marriage Rounak dies and Kasturi believes that Robbie and Devika (Robbie's mother) are responsible for Raunak's death. Kasturi determined to get justice, does not even immerse Raunak's ashes till she avenges his death. Kasturi gets married to Robbie.

Oblivious to Kasturi's intentions Robbie has fallen in love with her. Devika knows Kasturi's intentions and is determined to expose her. And thus starts the war between Kasturi and Devika.

The mahayudh has reached to such levels now that Kasturi has told Robbie that she is pregnant but with Rounak's child. Devika knows that Kasturi is faking the pregnancy so with the help of the doctor she proves that Kasturi is pregnant but with Robbie's child. Kasturi is fighting the battle alone but the biggest jolt comes when Devika organizes a puja in the house for the well being of the child. For the puja to continue pandit says there are dead man's ashes in the house and kasturi will have to desecrate Rounak's ashes against her wishes.

==Type:== Drama

==Produced By:== Ekta Kapoor ( Balaji Telefilms)

==Characters:== Kasturi Sabharwal

					Robbie Sabharwal
					Ronak Singhania(antagonist)
					Kaushalya Chawla
					Pooja Chawla(antagonist)

==Casts:== Shubangi Atre Pooroy

                                       Karan Patel		

Jatin Shah
Rupa Ganguly
Amita Chandekar

==Timings:== Telecast time: 9.30 P.M to 10.00 P.M
Re-Telecast time: 5.00 P.M to 5.30 P.M

==When:== Telecasted on Monday to Thursday.
Re-Telecasted on Tuesday to Friday.

==Which TV:== STAR Plus