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Kaziranga National Park

This park was developed by the former viceroy of India Lord Curzon to protect the rhinoceroses. It has since then grown and achieved many credits from different organizations. It completed its 100th birthday in 2005 and celebrated it with grandeur. The descendents of Lord Curzon were part of the celebrations.

The park is situated in Assam and is bordered by the Brahmaputra and Mora Diphlu rivers because of which the land here is very fertile. This park is made up of several biomes like the Brahm valley semi evergreen forests, Terai Duar savanna, grasslands, shrublands, etc.

This area boasts of a variety of flora and fauna. The fauna includes- the great Indian one horned rhino, wild Asiatic water buffaloes, gaurs, Indian muntjacs, hog deer, golden langur, etc. and since it is a tiger reserve, many kinds of tigers are also found. Ther are also plenty of small animals like the hispid hare, small Indian mongoose, Bengal fox, sloth bear, hog badger, particoloored flying squirrel, etc. The birdlife here includes several species of vultures, hornbills, ducks, geese, eagles, and so on. Different kinds of snakes, turtles, lizards and fish are also found here.

The area is dominated by grasslands, woodlands, tropical deciduous and evergreen forests. Many rare varieties of flowers and plants can be found, both on land, and in the water.

Special tours are often organized by the park authorities and people can also travel individually by elephants or a motor vehicle but only in the company of a guide.