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Kissan Package Insurance Of Oriental Insurance

The Oriental Insurance Company is making promotion of insurance schemes in rural places to bring development among them. This company has got a partnership with HPMI and together they are trying to promote insurance for crop, health, agricultural tools and livestock.

The policy of kissan package insurance is a complete policy package. It extends to give coverage for wider risks and dangers. The insured farmer can carry on with his business peacefully and get full assurance for any kind of risk. There are fifteen sections included in the policy providing protection for farmers and to their goods. Oriental insurance company has designed this special policy so that losses arising from several risks can be covered for the farmers as a result it is giving full support for development of rural places.

Kissan Package Insurance Policy, Janta Personal Accident Policy, Bhagyashree Child Welfare Policy can be cited as some of the examples of policies.

'''The risks covered'''

The policy package covers many risks, the farmer will get coverage for any kind of damage to his or of his household products such as goods stock, television, bicycle, and other things insured. Damage caused by accident, damage to his industry, livestock, pump, the cart and even medical expenses incurred during any accident for his family is covered by this policy. Daily mandi prices can be checked by farmer now and he can even get the updated weather report, advice for cropping and other news related to agriculture.