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Kodaikanal Tour

Kodaikanal is one of the fabulous hill stations in India. It is a small hill resort that is situated in the upper Palani hills near the Madurai city in the state of Tamil Nadu. The beautiful landscape, the forests, the greenery and the clam and tranquil atmosphere of this place a have always attracted several tourists who come over here from different places year after year.

The major attraction of this place is the Berijam Lake which is located at a distance of 21-km from Kodaikana. This lake is quite popular for its pure water and its star shape. Near the lake there is also a very famous park, known as the Bryant Park. This park is quite famous for its beautiful hybrids, flowers and rafts.

Another important tourist spot is the star-shaped Kodaikanal Lake. This is a very famous man-made lake in this region because this lake is surrounded with beautiful greenery. The important attraction of this lake is the boat club which offers different holiday packages to the tourists. The other places to visit are the Coaker's Walk, Shenbaganur Museum and the Kurinji andavar Temple.

Kodaikanal is located at an altitude of about 2,133 meters above sea-level and is spread over an area 21.45-sq-km. The best time for the tourists to visit this awesome hill resort is during the month of April to June and September to October when the climate is quite cool and pleasant. Besides natural beauty Kodaikanal is also famous throughout the world for its several internationally reputed education institutions.

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