Kolkata to Bangalore

Kolkata to Bangalore by Air

Kolkata to Bangalore flight schedule shows the availability of number of domestic flights between the two cities. Many airlines depart their flights from Kolkata to Bangalore. The Departure of flights is from NSCBI Airport and arrives at Bengaluru International Airport, Bangalore. The nonstop flight takes 2 Hr 30 mins to reach Bangalore.

Airfare from Kolkata to Bangalore

Economy Class-Rs 3,148 to Rs 13,182
Business Class- Rs 29,728 to Rs 38,868

Kolkata to Bangalore Flights

Departure----Airlines--------Days----------Arrival----------Flight Num

06:15----------Jetair----------Daily ----------08:35----------9W515
06:25----------Indigo---------Daily ----------10:15----------6E275
06:50----------Kingfisher----Daily ----------10:25----------IT434
15:15----------Indigo---------Daily ----------17:45----------6E156
15:55----------Spicejet-------Daily ----------18:20----------SG529
16:55----------Indigo---------Daily ----------20:40----------6E352
17:20----------Air Sahara----Daily ----------19:40----------S2364
17:55----------Kingfisher----Daily ----------21:35----------IT3432
18:10----------Indian---------Daily ----------20:35----------IC771

Kolkata to Bangalore by Train

There is a daily departure of train from Kolkata to Bangalore. The train from Bangalore to Kolkata travels the railroad of 2023 km. It takes 35 hours 20 mins to arrive at Kolkata from Bangalore. Railway tickets are cheaper than flight but a flight will save your time.


2 Tier AC (2A) – Rs. 1906
3 Tier AC (3A) – Rs. 1390
3 Tier sleeper (SL)-Rs. 514

Kolkata to Bangalore Trains

Train No .and Train Name------------------------------------Dep.-------------Arr.

2510 GHY-SBC-EXPRESS (MON, TUE, WED)--------- 01:05------------11:50
2863 HWH YPR EXPRESS (DAILY)----------------------s 20:35—07:55

Kolkata to Bangalore by Road (Bus or Car) Services

Tour to Bangalore by road is of 1,876 km from Kolkata. Traveling on NH 5 it takes 32 hours to cover the distance between Bangalore and Kolkata. Considering the distance between these two cities there are no buses operated by either Tamilnadu or West Bengal state transport services. To Rent a car from Kolkata, could be the option to travel by road to Bangalore. But it is far better to opt for a railway or flight to Bangalore than to travel by road.

Driving directions for Bangalore (Bengaluru) by car

Kolkata-Panikoili(Orissa-NH5)-Cuttack(Orissa-NH5)-Barhampur(Orissa-NH5)-Bhubaneshwar(Orissa-NH5)- Anakpalle(AP-NH5)-Eluru(AP-NH5)- Vijaywada(AP-NH5)-Nellore (AP-NH5)- at Nayudupeta turn right on bypass road connecting to NH205- after crossing Tirupati turn left to NH18- after Kalagatur (Chittoor, AP) turn right to NH4-Bangalore(Tamilnadu NH 4 )


> Kolkata to Bangalore
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