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Kolkata to Delhi

==Kolkata to Delhi by air==

The airport at Kolkata is commonly known as NSCBI Airport. It is situated at a distance of 18 km from the main city at Dum Dum. Kingfisher, Jetair, Indian Airlines, Indigo, Spicejet, Air India, Air Sahara are the Airlines that provide daily service of Domestic flights from Kolkata to Delhi. A nonstop flight would take you to Delhi within a short time of 2 Hr 25 Min. At Delhi the flight lands at IGI Airport (Terminal- 1D).

'''Airfare Kolkata to Delhi'''

Economy Class - Rs 4,478 to Rs 9,884
Business Class - Rs 10,624 to Rs 46,725

'''Kolkata to Delhi Flights'''

'''Departure-----Airlines-------------Days----------Arrival---------Flight Num'''

06:30----------Kingfisher----------Daily ----------08:40----------IT600
06:35----------Jetair----------------Daily ----------08:40----------9W921
07:00----------Indian---------------Daily ----------09:05----------IC263
07:10----------Indigo---------------Daily ----------09:35----------6E481
08:00----------Spicejet-------------Daily ----------10:15----------SG604
09:20----------Kingfisher----------Daily ----------11:20----------IT602
10:30----------Air India------------Daily----------12:30----------AI111
11:40----------Indigo---------------Daily ----------13:55----------6E204
12:05----------Spicejet-------------Daily ----------14:25----------SG606
14:50----------Air Sahara----------Daily ----------17:10----------S2320
17:00----------Indian---------------Daily ----------19:05----------IC201
17:15----------Spicejet-------------Daily ----------19:25----------SG219
17:25----------Jetair----------------Daily ----------19:35----------9W913
19:50----------Indigo---------------Daily ----------22:10----------6E274
20:00----------Air India------------Daily----------22:05----------AI101
20:45----------Jetair----------------Daily ----------23:05----------9W912
20:50----------Kingfisher----------Daily ----------23:00----------IT604

'''Kolkata to Delhi by train'''

If you want to travel Kolkata to Delhi by train you can either choose to travel by Rajdhani Express or any other express. 2301 Cal Rajdhani Express takes only 6 halts between Kolkata and Delhi and travels the distance of 1447 km in17 Hr 10 min to reach Delhi. This is a fully air-conditioned, deluxe train specially intended to connect Delhi to the capital cities of other states. The express trains other than Rajdhani express are comparatively cheaper as far as cost of traveling is concerned. These trains would arrive at Delhi after 34 hr 10 min, traveling the distance of 1530 km from the time of their departure at Kolkata station.

'''Railway fare Kolkata to Delhi'''

First AC-Rs. 3365 // Second AC-Rs. 2010 //Third AC-Rs. 1520 (Rajdhani Express)
First AC-Rs. 2743 //Second AC-Rs. 1623 //Third AC-Rs. 1187 //Sleeper Class-Rs. 442 (Other Express Trains)

==Kolkata to Delhi Trains==

'''Train No--Train Name ------------------------------------Dep.-------------Arr. '''

2301--CAL RAJDHANI (DAILY EXP SUN) ---------16:45------------09:55
2303--POORVA EXPRESS(MON, TUE, FRI, SAT)-08:05------------07:05
2313--SDAH RAJDHANI EX (DAILY) ---------------16:40------------10:35
2441--HWH BSP NDLS RA (FRI, SAT) ---------------21:25------------06:05
3007--U/ABHA TOOFAN EXP (DAILY) -------------09:45------------19:55

==Kolkata to Delhi by Road (Bus or Car) Services==

No Interstate bus travels to Delhi from Kolkata. Neither DTC nor the state of West Bengal had tried to connect these two cities by bus service. Kolkata to Delhi is a distance of 1,462 km and will take more than 22 hours to reach the destination. The traveling directions from Kolkata to Delhi are through NH2 sometimes shifting to bypass roads, overpass roads as well as state highways to make the distance shorter.
From Kolkata start the journey towards Nivedita Bridge to connect to NH2.
o Kolkata (West Bengal NH2)-Durgapur(West Bengal NH2)-Asansol(West Bengal NH2)-Dhanbad (Jharkhand NH2 )-Aurangabad (Bihar NH2 )-Varanasi (UP NH2 )-Allahbad (UP NH2)-Kanpur(UP NH2 )-Etawah(UP NH2)-Shikhnabad(NH2)
o From Shikhnabad turn right to join to NH 91 and turning left on NH91 -Aligarh(UP NH91)
o From NH91 turn left toward Hapur Bypass/NH 24 Bypass -New Delhi.