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Kolkata to Hyderabad

==Kolkata to Hyderabad by Air==

Kingfisher, Indian Airlines and Indigo operate daily domestic flights between Kolkata to Hyderabad. A flight takes 2 Hr to travel from NSCBI Airport, Kolkata to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad. The Airport at Hyderabad is centrally located in Hyderabad city. Airlines play important role in connecting Kolkata to Hyderabad as well as to different states in India.

'''Airfare Kolkata to Hyderabad'''

Economy class-Rs 5,489 to Rs 12,462
Business Class-Rs 23,944 to Rs 36,786

'''Kolkata to Hyderabad Flights'''

'''Departure----------Airlines------------Days----------Arrival----------Flight Num'''

06:50---------------Kingfisher---------Daily ---------08:50----------IT3434
09:00---------------Indian-------Daily Ex Mon/Fri---11:00-----------IC217
16:55---------------Indigo-------------Daily --------19:00-----------6E352
17:55---------------Kingfisher---------Daily --------19:55------------IT3432

==Kolkata to Hyderabad by Train==

Kolkata is connected to Hyderabad by means of Secunderabad Railway Station. The trains traveling from Kolkata towards Hyderabad will arrive at Secunderabad Junction. Hyderabad has three important railway stations that keep Hyderabad in touch with rest of the Indian states. All the three railway stations Hyderabad Railway Station, Secunderabad junction and Kacheguda Junction are well connected to each other and are located close to each other. The train has to travel a distance of 1545 km railroad from Kolkata to arrive at Hyderabad after its departure from Howrah junction in Kolkata.

'''Railway Fare '''

2 Tier AC (2A) – Rs. 1623
3 Tier AC (3A) – Rs. 1187
3 Tier sleeper (SL)-Rs. 442

'''Kolkata to Chennai Train Schedule'''

'''Train No .and Train Name ------------------------------------Dep.-------------Arr.'''

2703 FALAKNUMA EXP (DAILY)----------------------- 07:25------------09:35
8645 EAST COAST EXP (DAILY)------------------------ 11:45-----------18:30

==Kolkata to Hyderabad by Road (Bus or Car) Services==

Kolkata to Hyderabad distance by road is 1,490 km. If we start from Kolkata we need more than 24 hours to arrive at Hyderabad by roadway. There is a network of highways throughout the country. But distances in India are so vast for interstate bus services that there is not a single state, which has been able to provide bus service to all the other states. The private travel agencies also don’t show any interest to provide service for long distances.

'''Roadway connecting Kolkata to Hyderabad'''

Kolkata (West Bengal)- Balasore (Orissa-NH5)- Panikoili (Orissa-NH5)-Cuttack (Orissa-NH5)- Bhubaneshwar (Orissa-NH5)- Berhumpur (Orissa-NH5)- Srikakulam (AP-NH5)- Anakpalle (AP-NH5)- Tuni (AP-NH5)- Rajahmundry (AP-NH5)- Vijaywada (AP-NH5)- Hyderabad (AP-NH5).