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Krishnamachari Srikanth

Krishnamachari "Kris" Srikkanth was born on 21 December 1959 in the city of Chennai, TamilNadu. He was a legendary indian cricketer and a member of the world cup winning team in 1983. Kris Srikkanth made his international debut against england in 1981 and followed it up with his first test debut against england just two days later. At a young age of 21 he got the privilege to open the batting alongwith the likes of <a href="/node/64417">Sunil Gavaskar</a>.

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Srikkanth's Qualities

The main reason why kris srikkanth proved fruitful was his approach towards batting. He had a very gung-ho approach and this complimented perfectly with his opening partner sunil gavaskar who was more inclined on technique. With age came in calmness and srikkanth then proved to be the mainstay of indian batting order.


With the kind of game he had, Kris Srikkanth was more suited for one day internationals. This reflected in his records. Srikkanth played 43 Tests for India, scoring 2,062 runs at an acceptable average of 29.88.In one day internationals though he compiled a significantly better record of 146 matches for 4,091 runs at a good average of 29.01. He also bowled off spin regularly in ODIs, taking 25 wickets at a very good average of 25.64.He was also the first Indian player to score a half-century and pick up 5 wickets in an ODI.