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LIC Group Critical Illness Rider

LIC Group Critical Illness Rider

LIC Group Critical Illness Rider provides a safe and a secure environment for the team to enhance the productivity and also to contribute the best to organization. The important factor from the employees view will be the security against risks. This scheme is very simple and cost effective in which the risks are transferred to the insurance company.


The benefit of LIC Group Critical Illness Rider is one which pays the lump sum amount to the people. The sum assured is paid under the life cover in the occurrence of critical illnesses like heart attack, cancer, stroke and bypass surgery and also in the case of kidney failure. It is compulsory for all the members of this scheme. There are many benefits in this policy and it can be known from the prospectus of the LIC. The main benefit is the maturity benefit and the death benefit.

If the death of member takes place then nothing is paid under this rider. But, if the critical illness benefit is already paid then the amount will be reduced from the total number of benefits. The only difference between the basic sum assured and the critical illness benefit is that the amount is payable immediately after the death.

To gain the LIC Group Critical Illness Rider benefits the policy holder should have this critical illness rider already in which the employees should have the element of life cover.


The sum assured to each person will be the minimum of twenty percent under the basic plan and must not exceed hundred percent of the sum assured. The free cover is also available upon the size of group under this LIC Group Critical Illness Rider. The minimum entry age is 18 years and maximum will be 64 years.

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