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LIC Health Plus Policy

LIC Health Plus Policy

LIC Health plus policy is a health insurance plan which is unique and long term and this combines the insurance cover for health for the whole family which includes husband, wife and the children which is called as Hospital Cash Benefit (HCB) as well as provides Major Surgical Benefit called MSB along with the investment in the form of units.

This MSB is particularly designed for meeting the expenses relating to the domiciliary treatment called DTB for all the insured members of the family. Under the feature for adding the new members, it is very important for the person who takes this LIC Health plus policy to decide that which of the family members are need to be covered and included at the beginning stage or proposal stage itself.

This is because; under this LIC Health plus policy the existing eligible members of the family could not be included at the later stage.

However the new members can be added under the following three situations:

  • Marriage or remarriage of the insured principal after taking the policy.
  • A child born or child adopted legally within three months after taking the policy.
  • You can take up this policy for the child which you adapt and give them more benefits with this policy. Legally adopted child which is more than 3 months old from the date of policy taken.

The increase or decrease in the premium amount is allowed only during the term of the LIC Health plus policy. The increase in premium should be made in multiples of Rs.500. When it comes to decrease in premium, all the minimum premium conditions are to be satisfied. However, the level of health cover, HCB and MSB benefits are not affected by either increase or decrease in the premiums.


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