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LIC Jeevan Sathi Plus Policy

LIC Jeevan Sathi Plus Policy

The nature of this Policy: LIC Jeevan Sathi Plus policy is one of the good plans for the couples and in particular it is more suitable especially for the working people or the professionals, by providing the security financially for both of the lives. But this new Jeevan sathi plus policy differs from the LIC's earlier jeevan sathi policy which was made on a conventional platform.

The benefits of this policy: The new LIC Jeevan Sathi Plus policy which is built on the ULIP platform provides the benefits of the market linked return for those principal's insured. It is a policy in which the couple could take the insurance cover under the single policy for their lives. There are many benefits along with this policy.

Thus in this LIC Jeevan Sathi Plus policy, the proposer and the plan are called as the Principal Life assured and the other life who may husband or wife may be called as the Spouse Life Assured. The premiums can be paid over the entire term of policy at the intervals of yearly or half yearly or quarterly or monthly by the policy holders.

The Premium Amount of this policy and the duration of the payment of the premium: The minimum premium amount annually would be Rs.10000 and after which it increases in the multiples of Rs.1000. Minimum premium amount to be paid monthly will be Rs.1000 and increases in multiples of Rs.250 after the first premium paid. There is another option to pay the premium as a single payment and it is subject to the minimum amount of Rs.40000.

Also under this LIC Jeevan Sathi Plus policy, additional investments can be made by means of top-up premiums. This type of unit linked policy provides four types of investment funds.

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