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LIC Online Payment

In general, the tough task for the people who have insured is to pay the premium because they must go till the office. It is the habit of many people to forget the payment time and suppose if they remember at a particular time, they will not have time to go to LIC office and pay.

To make the payment easy and possible from the place of the policy holder, the LIC established its online payment which is called its gateway. You can make your payment or obtain the services of the LIC just with some few clicks. You can obtain almost all the services that are offered in the branch office.

There is a name called Payment gateway which is abbreviated as the PG. It is the vital component of this offer. With the help of the online facility you can pay the payment of the renewal premium and its dues through this online portal. The only condition for getting this online payment facility is that you should be a registered customer of the LIC who have put the policies. You can use this facility and pay the premiums from your office or house without going to the branch office or without traveling.

You should have a debit card or a credit card to make the payment through online. You can pay from the internet banking facility too. The banks that you can pay through are the citi bank, the Indian bank, the Punjab bank, the axis bank, the union bank, the Indian overseas bank, the city union bank, the state bank of Patiala, the ICICI bank, the HDFC bank, the state bank of Hyderabad, the state bank of Mysore, the Karnataka bank, the yes bank, etc.

LIC helps to make people comfortable with the online payment that is offered!