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Lakes in Warangal

Lakes in Warangal

Pakhal Lake

  • Another beautiful sheet of placid Waters, spreading over 12 sq miles, situated about 50 km from Hanamkonda, the pakhal lake is surrounded by picturesque sylvam region on three sides and a bund on the other which in fact is responsible for the formation of the lake itself from a beautiful river.
  • This river coursing over an outcrop of the magnificent vindhya mountains forms this enchanting enclosure of water

The lake is suffused with fish and also contains otters and alligators.

  • Man made lake by the previous kakatiyas. It is borded by the Pakhal forest reserve.
  • It can be reached by bus from Narsampet. A very good picnic spot from Warangal within 1 hr drive.
  • An artificial lake constructed in a small tributary of famous Krishna River at a close by place in Warangal town, Pakhal Lake, is assumed to be constructed in 1213 AD by Kakatiya king. The Lake is built amidst undulated hilly terrains and lush green dense forests. Panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings is mesmerizing.
  • The Lake is spreading over a wide area of nearly 30 sq km and has grown to a superb picnic spot in Warangal.

Laknavaram Lake

  • About 70 km from Hanamkonda, tis lake is contemporary to the Ramappa lake.
  • Three short bunds across three narrow valleys give rise to this beautiful lake.
  • This artificial lake which looks more natural like the Ramappa lake surrounded by the beauties of nature leaves a lasting picture in the minds of the visitors.
  • Laknavaram Lake lies within the limits of Laknavaram village near Mulug, about 70 km from Warangal. It is a perfect haunt for bird watching in winter. Some crocodiles are also spotted.
  • Warangal Junction Railway Station serves as the nearest railway station.