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List of Indian Space Programs

List of Indian Space Programs[edit]

  • Chandrayaan – 1, the unmanned lunar exploration spacecraft was launched on 22nd October 2008 from HSAR, Sriharikota. Later the Moon Impact Probe separated from the spacecraft and descended towards the lunar south pole.
  • It carries five ISRO payloads and six payloads from other international agencies including NASA, ESA and the Bulgarian Aerospace Agency, carried free of cost.
  • ISRO provides training in space applications to personnel of developing countries through its Sharing of Experience in Space (SHARES) program.
  • Megha – Tropiques is a joint satellite mission of ISRO and French Space Agency CNES for atmospheric studies. The satellite will be built and launched by ISRO and CNES will develop two of the payloads and the third payload jointly with ISRO.
  • Scientific instruments developed in the United States, Germany, Swedan, UK and Bulgaria will be launched on board India’s Chandrayaan – 1 spacecraft.
  • Instruments for astronomical observation jointly developed with Israel and Canada will be flown on board. India’s GSAT – 4 and RISAT satellites repectively.
  • Indian scientific instrument in study solar physics and solar – terrestrial sciences will be flown on board Russia’s CORONAS – PHOTON satellite.

ANTRIX: It is the commercial front of the department of space, is a single window agency for marketing Indian Space Capabilities.

  • Antrix offers launch services using India’s PSLV. Two German, one Korean and one Belgaian satellites have already been successfully launched by PSLV.
  • The successful launch of INSAT – 4A, the heaviest and most powerful satellite built by the India so far, on 22 December 2005 was the other major event of the year 2005 – 06. INSAT – 4A is capable of providing Direct - To – Home (DTH) television broadcasting services.

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