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Lost Birth Certificate

A birth certificate forms the most vital document that you need to safeguard through out your life. We need to deal with a lot of important paperwork most often and there is a high chance of it getting lost or misplaced or at times, stolen. Birth certificate is a valid proof of an existence of an individual and the details regarding the name, age, time, place, sex, and name of parents. Birth certificates are issued from Panchayat, Municipal Corporation, Taluk or Tehsil.

We often require this vital piece of paper for employment, schooling, marriage registration, passport, driving license. Therefore, it should be properly guarded. When a person looses his or her original birth certificate, he can replace with a new birth certificate with these simple steps:

• Apply an application to the concerned authority (panchayat, municipality or corporation) where the child took birth and got registered.

• Nominal fees have to be remitted to get the birth certificate. You may send the fees through check with an application as fax.

• The application can be given by the applicant or father, mother, or the nearest relative. In some cases the applicant has to indicate the reason for applying a new certificate, to the ward officer.

• You may also issue an application to the Public Health Department of the birth country of the applicant.

• You may also register online for achieving a lost birth certificate. You may also apply through

• A Court fee stamp has to be attached to the application form when applied. As the birth certificate is lost the applicant has to get a notary by indicating that the birth certificate has lost for ever and has no chance get the same for using any other purposes. The notary has to be written in Rs.50 or above according to the Indian judicial stamp paper.

The people who are residing outside the country can get the birth certificate through online application which is not encouraged without visiting the authority. It is a mandatory to register the birth in every country. The new birth certificate will be issued to the applicant after ten to fifteen days prior to the application. Registration department of birth and death certificate is located at every panchayat, corporation and municipality of every state. Take photo copies of the birth certificate and keep it safe. Pile it up in a secret place or in a locker to avoid further hassles.