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Lost HDFC ATM Card

Lost HDFC ATM Card

Many people find it simple to carry ATM card than cash and there is a possibility of theft or loss of the ATM card. There are a few steps, which are recommended to follow once you lost HDFC ATM card. The steps are as follows:

  • The first thing to do to confiscate the lost ATM card is to instantly call the HDFC branch from where the ATM card has been issued. Tell them about the mishap and ask for confiscation of the ATM card. This would rather prevent the transactions that can be made after the card is stolen. 
  • The next step is to write the statement of FIR lodged by you after you lost HDFC ATM card and ask to stop further transactions. 
  • The bank within a week’s time will issue you another ATM card, with additional authorization charges. 
  • Since, the bank is not liable for any loss of card, hence, if you fail to report stolen card within a 60 days time period you will be held for subsequent charges by the bank.

Customer Care

HDFC operates 24 x 7 customer care services to its customers, which encompass help desk from where you can obtain any information related to the transactions, bank accounts or ATM cum debit cards. If you need to report for your lost HDFC ATM card, then below are enlisted phone banking numbers for your convenience.

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City Wise Phone Banking Numbers:

  • Ahmedabad: (079) 6662 3333
  • Gujarat: 98982 71111 
  • Bangalore: (080) 6600 3333 
  • Karnataka: 99458 63333 
  • Chandigarh: (0172) 469 3333
  • Punjab: 98153 31111
  • Chennai: (044) 6600 3333 
  • Tamil Nadu / Pondicherry: 98406 73333 
  • Cochin: (0484) 408 3333 
  • Kerala: 98956 63333
  • Delhi & NCR: (011) 4151 4332 
  • Hyderabad: (040) 6600 3333

You can also call on their Toll-Free Service i.e. 1800 425 4332.