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MBA or Engineering

After doing their under graduation most of the students, specially of engineering branch who wants to go for higher educations either opt for Masters in Engineering, either in India or in USA or look to do MBA.

If you are also one of those who are wondering whether you should do MBA (Management) or MS/ in Engineering, here is an analysis for both fields.

'''What should you Choose ? MBA or Engineering ? '''

Lot of people confused MBA with just being manager in India but it has various streams like MBA in IT, MBA in finance, MBA in Advertisement, MBA in Marketing, MBA in HR etc and they all are different, many of them have nothing to do with managing and are more related with accounting and finances.

So if you want to do MBA, see your prospects and what field suits you as every one can not be manager and everyone can not code. You can always change streams from management to engineering and vice versa but the transition is never easy and costs money and time.

'''Salary of an MBA and an Engineer'''

Lot of people thinks that doing MBA will fetch them very high paying jobs but this is not entirely true. The average salary of [[IIMs]] in 2008 was in the range of 12 to 16 lakh per annum but otherwise most of the mid level B Schools have average salary in the range of 6 to 12 lakhs.

If we compare this to a masters graduate, he will probably get salary in same region (probably 20-30% less) so yes, MBA graduates do get higher salaries but the difference is not huge.