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Mahautsav, also known as Grand Festival, was a mega festival that was held in the city of Toronto, Canada on October 9 & 10, 2009. It was perceived as the largest ever South Asian Festival that has ever being held in the continent of North America.

Objective of the festival

The sole objective of organizing the Mahautsav by the Indian communities in Toronto is to gather all communities on the same platform that showcasing the best in various forms of entertainment. It was celebrated with a view of South Asian culture and the Canadian multicultural fabric under the same roof. The Indian communities in Canadian aimed to create awareness about the rich South Asian traditions and culture among their Canadians counterparts.

Events at the festival

This mega event was arranged at the weekend in the famous Rogers Centre in Toronto. This festival was celebrated for nonstop 30 hours. Several events, like the Bhangra, Music, Raas Garba, Lasershows, Spiritual Music, Ramlila, and Lectures were organized in this festival. Several people from different parts of the globe took part in this fabulous event of the year.
The Mahautsav was really a mega event that cost more than one million dollars. It was showcase to highlight the Indian culture to the entire world. The main attraction of this festival is the participation of the Bollywood stars and singers. The show attracted more than 100,000 people from across the world.
The magnificent Mahautsav was also accompanied by some awesome display of fireworks as well.