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Mandawa Tour

Mandawa is situated in the centre of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Mandawa is a small town which has several breath-taking palaces, also known as Havelis and forts. The fort town of Mandawa, because of its rich culture and rich history attracts several tourists from different parts of the world.

The most important place in Madurai to visit during your tour is the fort of Mandawa. It is an arched gateway and is decorated with the several paintings depicting Lord Krishna and his cows.

The Havelis or palace of this town are marvelously constructed has its own unique features. The most important thing about these havelis is that each of the different rooms in the same palace is built with different design. The important havelis to visit are the Ladia havelis and the Chokhani havelis. The Binsidhar Newatia Haveli is quite popular among the tourists for its outer eastern wall which has peculiar paintings on it. The painting depicts scenes like a European woman sitting in a car which is being driven by a chauffeur, a boy using a telephone and so on. The Saraf havelis is also popular for its architectural marvels. The Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli is also famous among the people for its marred erotic images.

Another place of interest for the tourists is the town of Nawalgarh which is located in the vicinity of the Mandawa town. This place was built in the year 1737 and is quite famous for its fort.

Besides, the whimsical peacock weather van, an arched window that overlooks the garden that is often visited by peacocks are other things that must be seen during your tour.