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The fair known as Vishuwat Sankranti day is held in the Shiva temple at Masi. Masi is also a very fail and good place for visiting Makar Sankranti and Vishuva Sankranti are observed to celebrate the advent of spring and the New Year according to the Indian almanac respectively it is a famous fair of Pali. Vishuva Sankranti is the traditional Oriya New Year and generally falls on April 14 each year. It coincides with the traditional New Year in Assam, Bengal, Kerala, Manipur, Nepal and Tamil Nadu - in short the solar Hindu New Year Pachhaun. Animals, especially bullocks and calves, are sold at this fair. In the summer the people in the valley of Ramganga, especially in Masi and Bhikiasen, celebrate the unique machhli utsav. The villagers bearing tumra come with Jaal, fatyav and hathiya to the river to catch fish. The fish festival is locally known as Dahau.

Rituals and celebrations

The festivals of the Adivasis are a part and parcel of their social life. Their folk tradition and spirit are manifested through the numerous Vratas and Oshas. They are associated with the performance of rituals and recitation of a sacred verse tale connected with the occasion. Most of these observances are marked by a spirit of sanctity even among the poorest folk. They clean up the premises and decorate their houses, particularly the spot of worship, with flowers, and draw in rice paste or multi-colored powders, artistic designs. Many of these festivals are held on the full moon and dark moon days.

A Discourse on ‘Periapuranathil Tirugnanasambandar’ by A. Shanmugakani is held at East Masi Street Vaikunda Ekadasi

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