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Mata Aarti

Mata or Maa Durga, according to Hindu Mythology is a great goddess and is also the consort of Lord Shiva. In India she is worshipped in various forms such as Uma, Parvati, Jagatmata, Chandi and Bhairavi. Fierceness and benevolence are the two main aspects of her form.

It has been mentioned in the shastras that Maa Durga is a warrior goddess and is seated on either tiger or lion. She has been created to kill the demon king Mahishasur who nearly conquered all the three worlds that is, heaven, earth and the under world. It is believed that Mahishasur had appeased Lord Brahma and as a result of this he acquired invincible strength as a blessing from Lord Brahma. So neither Brahma, Vishnu nor Shiva can defeat this powerful demon.

At the end they have decided to create a female warrior since this very demon once cursed by a saint that he would be killed by a female. So the joint energy of Shakti resulted in the formation of a female warrior that finally killed the demon. Therefore this goddess has become the symbol of power, strength and courage.

Therefore performing Durga Aarti would definitely help its devotee to gain courage and self –confidence. The aarti is done in the following the ways:

  • At first an idol or picture of Devi Durga is needed and should be placed in that place of the household where puja takes place.
  • The devotee and his or family members must have a bath before doing this aarti. They must also wear new clothes.
  • Flowers and garlands are also essential for doing the aarti.

• They must also prepare the lamps and wicks that are considered to be the most essential item for performing an aarti.

  • Fruits and sweets must be offered to Maa Durga.
  • After the completion of the above mentioned steps then the devotee can proceed forward to do the aarti. A plate made from either brass, copper or silver must also be used at the time of aarti.

At the end a devotee must sit for meditation and recite the mantras that are meant to do the aarti. It is believed that by doing this Maa Durga would offer her blessings to its devotees.

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