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Medishield (For Non-Cashless Claims)/Travel Protector/Personal Accident Claims

The claim for Medishield (for non-cashless claims), Travel Protector and Personal Accident Claims from Iffco Tokio Insurance are quite different from each other.The claim procedures are mentioned below.

'''Procedure for making claim'''

'''I. In case of Medishield (for non-cashless claims)'''

* Notice regarding the insurance claim needs to be registered within 24 hours of the incident at the nearest Branch office.
* The insured needs furnish a proper 'discharge summary' of the nursing home or the hospital together with original hospital and the medical bills, investigation reports and reports of the labs and other necessary documents for supporting the claim.
* An authentic fitness certificate from the attending doctor.
* An authentic leave certificate from the employer (if at all required).

'''II. In case of Travel Protector'''

* The fact the claim procedure for this package varies from place to place so one has to contact the overseas claim setting representatives of the insurer as soon as possible.
* The insured should furnish the policy document as when required. The other advantage of carrying the policy documents is that one can get the required information regarding how to get in touch with the overseas claim setting representatives of the insurer, from it.

'''III. In case of Accident Claims'''

* The insurer has to be notified immediately.
* In the event of death of the insured due to accident the capital sum insured will be paid to the legal nominee or assignee of the insure. For this the insured needs to furnish the name of the nominee. If the insured fails to provide the name of the nominee, then succession certificate from the court has to be obtained.

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