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Met Group Life

The Met Group Life is a group insurance policy. This is a highly convenient product. This plan gives a protection against death and also protects the family of the policy holder.

'''The key features of Met Group Life are as follows:'''

* This plan is cheaper in charge than any individual life cover.
* This plan gives protection to the family of the employee.
* The implementation of this plan is hassle free because of the availability of free cover limit.
* The policy also gives strong retention tools for the employers.
* Flexible payment modes are available under this plan.
* When an employee is leaving the organization this plan gives the option of conversion of individual coverage.
* Under this policy tax benefits to the employer are given but are not treated as prerequisite in the hands of the employee.
* It also gives additional cover for family and self participatory basis.
* Optional rider benefits are available under this plan.

'''The eligibility of Met Group Life are:'''

* The minimum and maximum entry age is 18 years and 69 years.
* The maturity age of this policy is 70 years.
* The coverage term of the policy is 1 year and it can renew.
* The premium payment term of the policy is regular.
* The premium payment modes under this policy are annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly.

* The riders available under this policy are Group Accidental Death Benefit Rider, Group Accidental Permanent Total Disability Rider, Group Accidental Permanent Partial Disability Rider, Group Critical Illness Rider Additional, Group Critical Illness Rider Accelerated and Met Group Riders.

'''The benefits of Met Group Life are as follows:'''

'''Death benefit'''

100% of the sum assured on death.

'''Surrender Benefit'''

There is no surrender benefit available with this policy.

'''Maturity Benefit'''

There is no maturity benefit available with this policy.