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Minimum Balance in AXIS Bank Account

Axis Bank gives its customers a huge range of savings accounts with easy transactions. Required minimum Balance in AXIS Bank Account is zero. This bank allows a zero balance account where the customers will not have to keep any minimum deposit to maintain any AQB. There are a huge number of branches of this bank all over India to avail an easy accessibility to its customers. And thus this bank provides an any where banking facility.

Besides making the minimum balance in AXIS bank account zero the bank authorities also give free internet/mobile banking facilities. Axis bank also provides certain things like a personal accident insurance cover worth of Rs 2 lacs, deposit lockers which are absolutely safe, demat accountings and many more.

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Below mentioned are the main features of minimum balance in AXIS bank account:

  • The savings account type is the regular account.
  • Minimum balance not required. The account exists even at zero balance.
  • No need to maintain mandatory/fixed amount in the account.
  • Starting fund of Rs 5500 should be paid and account maintenance of Rs 500 should be paid every year.
  • ‘Iconnect’ available for internet banking.
  • Applicable for all cities.
  • The respective bank ATM allows up to 40,000 of cash withdrawal per day.
  • Deposits, withdrawal, transfer and clearance possible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Also available minor account on zero balance.
  • Free delivery of the account statement every month.
  • Availability of free monthly e-statements.
  • Free advices on financial issues from relationship manager.


sir, I don't have any id proove can it be possible to open account with bonafide certificate. please reply soon.

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